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DUI Attorney

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The state of Ohio takes driving under the influence offences very seriously, having some of the strictest laws and penalties in the country. Simply put, navigating the legal proceedings following a DUI charge are complex, something which cannot be done without experienced and professional help. It is imperative to the outcome of your case, that you are supported and guided by a top DUI attorney. When you trust your case with Mason OVI Lawyer, we dissect every detail surrounding it, aiming to find any small thing which can build an argument for your innocence. To achieve the most favorable conclusion to your trial, it is vital that you employ our legal services.

DUI Charge in Ohio
The charge for a DUI/OVI is one of the most clear-cut charges in Ohio and is difficult to approach. However, there are a number of things which must be done on the other end, to ensure that the case is genuine and legal. The officer that arrests you must ensure that correct procedures are followed, paperwork is completed and that the case is handled in the proper manner moving forward. Any small mistake throughout any of these can diminish the charges, and when presented properly, can lead to a ruling on your innocence.

DUI Penalties
Penalties which come with a DUI are agreeably severe, none of which work in your favor. A majority of driving under the influence cases come with a mandatory minimum of three days in prison, as well as hefty fines, loss of employment, the suspension of your license, among many other circumstantial things. There are so many things which could be written against you and could shape your life for the foreseeable future and further. It is therefore obvious to see that it is in your best interests to be well represented by an attorney, so you can argue and avoid as many of these as possible.

Attorney Negotiations
The most important part of any challenge made to the DUI is the capabilities of your attorney. Whilst the charges are usually pretty clear cut, there are a number of things which can be contested, that can change the course of proceedings. When we represent you in a driving under the influence trial, we try to identify any possible mistakes and misinformation, used in the paperwork filed or with evidence used. If there are any points to be argued, these can be used as an edge in negotiations and will be valid in agreeing reduced charges for you.

Should I Get a Lawyer for My First DUI?
It should go without saying that you absolutely need to be supported by a DUI lawyer, even if it is your first offence. Regardless of how many DUI charges you have received, you will at least be eligible for the minimum, three-day prison sentence. Without the professional guidance of a proper attorney, you will not be able to argue your innocence. That is why it is essential that you put your faith in us, and we promise to return the favor by achieving the best possible outcome, from your case.