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Criminal charges are no small matter; they have serious consequences on the way that you continue on with your life and can be a lasting label against you. But whether or not you have operated a vehicle while impaired or been charged with something more serious, you still maintain your individual rights. In the state of Ohio, that is something that will be respected but without the professional guidance of an attorney, how do you know that you are fully getting to execute your rights in the way you should.

You need an experienced and dedicated lawyer, who will stand up for your rights and make sure that they are respected and defended.

About Us
What you need is the informed and diligent guidance of one of the brilliant attorneys at Mason OVI Lawyer. We are a small yet dedicated team, championing personal and understanding legal advice and defense. Over the years, we have helped many clients with their unique cases and fought for the rights that they are legally entitled to. We have applied our wealth of experience in criminal and personal injury law, to find success in defending our clients, through various legal avenues.


Our Services

Our services are comprehensive and cover many aspects of that of a criminal law attorney, offering criminal charge defense for various areas, including drug charges. By specialty however, we are top DUI defense attorneys, offering affordable advice and defense related to charges of driving under the influence. And whilst the name of our game may be OVI law, we also provide superior services as personal injury lawyers, representing a range of cases, from workplace injury to wrongful death.

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Criminal Defense Attorney

When you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, it is essential that you find a team that have a clear and deep understanding of what your rights are and the specific ramifications of your charge. Criminal law is a broad area of study, so you need to know you can have faith. With us, you never have to spare a second thought. Between our team, we are widely experienced in the many areas of criminal law.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Nobody ever asks to go through the pain and struggle that comes exness mt4 with getting injured, especially when the accident wasn’t your fault. Not only are you left with physical pain, but also with the expense of medical bills, missed wages and the hassle of trying to find a way out. Let Mason OVI Lawyer be that way out and let us get you the compensation that you deserve. When you need a personal injury lawyer, you can put your faith in us to get to the bottom of exactly how you came to receive your injuries and help you get life back on track.

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DUI Attorney

Whether you are a first time offender or this is a repeat occasion, you need representation for your best local DUI attorney. Ohio DUI law is some of the strictest and difficult to navigate in the country, and that is why you need someone who is experienced with proven methods of defending your case. You can look to us for that help, as we are specialized in DUI defense and are familiar with the legal routes needing to be taken in reaching your most favorable terms.

Criminal Law

Criminal law is a broad term, that is used to describe the many laws we have surrounding crimes in Ohio. It is widely nuanced and used to include a many number of things, technically ranging from a child taking a candy bar from a store to some of the most violent crimes imaginable. Not many can say that they have a full grasp on what exactly Ohio criminal law encompasses, but, one team that you can count on knowing, is us. Mason OVI Lawyer continually study and dissect every aspect of the state’s criminal law, always staying on top of the current state of each piece of writing and what it means for our clients.

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There are many terms thrown around that refer exness to driving or operating a vehicle, whilst under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. If you are charged with such an offence, its name will be dependent on your state. DUI (driving under the influence) and DWI (driving while impaired/intoxicated) are two very common terms, however in Ohio, you would be charged with an OVI (operating a vehicle impaired/intoxicated).

Ohio Drunk Driving

The state of Ohio takes drunk driving very seriously and therefore, has some of the most severe punishments for anyone committing such an offence. If you are charged with this offence, you will have very little chance of successfully defending it, on your own. It is imperative that you use a DUI defense lawyer, so that you can reach the most favorable terms for you.

“When I was facing my DUI charge, I was really feeling hopeless for the future. That is at least, until I called Mason OVI Lawyer. They gave me real and personal advice about how we could manage my case and they told me they would take every route necessary to achieve my best results. There work was incredibly effective, identifying misinformation in paperwork filed and constructing a case that meant I walked away from the charges. A very professional team, who I really recommend.” – Gus T

“Mason OVI Lawyer helped me to find a way out and peace of mind, when dealing with my OVI case. They gave quality consultation about the best options that I could take and how to best achieve them. When standing in the trail, they successfully negotiated down a near certain jail sentence to a simple 3-day awareness course. They allowed me a renewed chance and made me feel positive for the future again.” – Tammy K

“For the very best personal injury lawyers, I looked to Mason OVI Lawyer. They stood up for my case for a workplace injury, that wasn’t my fault. Swiftly and strategically, they navigated through my lawsuit and got me the compensation that paid for my medical bills, without me sparing a though, stressing. This team are the true professionals and I cannot recommend them enough.” – Olivia H

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Whenever you are facing OVI charges or any other criminal charge, you can look to Mason OVI Lawyer for help. Our promise is to understand you, the individual, and represent your legal rights in a trial. If you think that any of our work would benefit you and need any of our services, we want to here from you. Get in contact with us today, using the number provided on our website.


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